Policy Talks accepts written submissions to be shared on our website. If you would like to submit a blog post, please follow these guidelines:

  • A submission can present an opinion, data analysis or background on current events in international affairs. The piece ideally presents ideas and solutions to the issue discussed, and can include the Canadian government’s current foreign policy or the international community’s response to the issue.
  • International affairs encompasses a wide range of topics and we particularly focus on these categories on our podcast: intelligence and defense, international development, economics and finance, international trade, global public policy, climate change, and international issues that also connect to Canadian domestic policy.
  • Please include all references and citations as hyperlinks within the text itself.
  • Please limit submissions to 750-1,200 words.
  • You can submit your piece to us as a word document to communications@policytalkspodcast.com

If you are interested in collaborating with us on a particular topic to produce a special episode, video content or infographics, please contact us for more details.