Episode 25 – Climate Action Part I: Cities Leading the way Foward

Guest: Alyssa Fischer, Strategy and Management Associate at the World Resources Institute’s Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities

About: In the past two weeks, we’ve been exploring the aftermath of the United States’ intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, and the current progress on goals set at COP21 in 2015. In Part I of our Climate Action series, we take a closer look at the significant role cities play in shifting our world to adapt to climate change. Cities across the U.S. have reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Agreement and continue steps towards climate action. Cities were also in the spotlight at COP21 in Paris, forming a coalition of major cities (C40) around the world to coordinate climate action. In fact, municipal governments seem to have a distinct role to play in paving the way for nations to reach their stated mitigation and adaptation goals.

Listen to Part II of the Climate Action series here.

Alyssa Fischer leads international policy efforts for the World Resources Institute’s Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, helping leverage global agreements like the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the New Urban Agenda to create a more sustainable, prosperous urban future for everyone. Before joining WRI, she worked as a corporate sustainability consultant with ERM. She received a Masters in Sustainable Engineering from Villanova University and a Bachelor’s in Growth and Structure of Cities from Bryn Mawr College.



Music: www.incompetech.com and Chris Zabriskie



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