Episode 22 – Asia-Pacific Regional Security: North Korea’s Nuclear Program

Guest: Benoit Hardy-Chartrand, Senior Research Associate at the Centre for International Governance Innovation

About: North Korea, has long been considered a pariah among states due to its highly repressive government and its aggressive rhetoric and actions towards other states, particularly neighboring South Korea. At present, tensions between North Korea and a number of states, notably the US, Japan, and South Korea, are high, given its provocation through rhetoric and missile tests. A change of leadership in South Korea, and the dynamics of Chinese influence in the region, creates a complex set of circumstances that have serious foreign policy implications. Why is North Korea testing nuclear weapons? What does it gain from provocation and where does the US and China stand in containing this security threat? 

Benoit Hardy-Chartrand is a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for International Governance Innovation in the Global Security & Politics Program. He provides research for CIGI’s work on Asia-Pacific security. His research interests and expertise include East Asian geopolitical and security issues, North Korean politics and society, nuclear politics and human rights.



Music: www.bensound.com and www.incompetech.com

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