Episode 18 – CETA: Canada’s Trade Agenda and the Impacts of International Trade

Guest: Stuart Trew, Senior Editor of The Monitor from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

About:  In it’s largest bilateral initiative since NAFTA, Canada recently concluded the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union after its approval in the European Parliament. This agreement comes as a huge achievement for the Canadian government after years of negotiation. However, the ratification of CETA falls against a backdrop of increasing distrust of international trade deals, an American shift towards isolationist policies and a general dissatisfaction with the economic results of globalization. Are all the worries about CETA well-founded? Join Matt and Bridget as they sit down with Stuart Trew from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives to unpack some of the highlights of this trade agreement.

From left to right: Stuart Trew, Matt Potter and Bridget Healy

Stuart Trew is Senior Editor of the Monitor, a bimonthly magazine of progressive research and opinion from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and a researcher with the centre’s Trade and Investment Research Project. He is the co-editor, with Scott Sinclair, of The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Canada: A Citizen’s Guide (Lorimer) and author of the recent report From NAFTA to CETA: Corporate Lobbying Through the Back Door.


Music: www.bensound.com and www.incompetech.com

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