Episode 12 – U.S. Election Follow-up: U.S. Foreign Policy towards Canada, EU and the Middle East

Guests: Professor Melissa Haussman, Department of Political Science at Carleton University and Uri Marantz, PhD Candidate at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

About: In an election that has shocked the world, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump now stands to take leadership of the most powerful economy in the world. He also faces challenging global dynamics. For the first time in decades, globalization is up for debate in western democracies. While traditionally countries turn towards the U.S. for leadership and guidance, Trump’s isolationist rhetoric signals a shift in American foreign policy, where one could expect an America that is less willing to cooperate on an international stage. But do we really know that? What exactly do we know about a Trump presidency? As you’ll hear from our guests, Melissa Haussman and Uri Marantz, all we can do at this point is speculate. 

melissa-haussman_400-200x200Melissa Haussman is a Professor of Political Science. She teaches in both the US and comparative North American fields. Her scholarship has generally focused on questions of women’s access to political power in North America. Her research has centered on women’s ability to gender public policy and related debates, especially on reproductive rights and health care systems. She is particularly interested in the roles played by federalism and supranational mechanisms in affording either opportunities or barriers to women’s policy successes. She has held office in the American and International Political Science Associations and in the Association for Canadian Studies in the US and previously taught at Suffolk University, Boston, Massachussets.

maranzt2Uri Marantz is a PhD candidate in the Conflict Management and Resolution program at NPSIA, Carleton University. As a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Scholar, his research is focused on foreign policy, the economics of natural resources, the geopolitics of the energy conflict-security nexus, and issues of resource governance. Uri’s regional focus is on the Middle East and Islamic World and his work deals with the energy politics and economics of primarily oil and gas resources.


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