Episode 3: Resources

In preparation for our episode on examining the policy of detente, here are some of the articles our team put on the reading list:

  • Minister Stephane Dion has recognised that Canada risks being isolated from its allies if it maintains sanctions against Iran. However there are some challenges in re-building ties between the two countries even as the rest of the world slowly opens itself to Tehran.
  • The historic Iran Nuclear Deal concluded in Vienna last summer, binding Iran, the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China to a series of undertakings stretching over many years. Here is a good summary of the provisions in the deal.
  • The Economist takes a brief look at what follows when the sanctions come off in Havana and Tehran.
  • How are the cases of U.S. rapprochement towards Cuba and Iran related? In more ways than one might think. The following pieces cover the similarities and differences between both cases and broader implications for other world powers.

For more on what all of this actually means for the current global diplomatic landscape, listen to Episode 3 on Warming Diplomatic Relations and Modern Day Detente with our guest, Jeffrey Smith.

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